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We're tired of vanity metrics.

Your content should deliver REAL results.

If measuring the success of your content marketing is important to you, then Transaction Content is your new marketing secret weapon.

Sharing Transaction Content is the only way to guarantee that every piece of content is aligned with your key business goals.

Every article, share, and paid campaign is optimized for maximum targeting, exposure, and return on your efforts.

If you've ever wondered how to:

  1. Effectively implement content marketing in your marketing mix?
  2. Create traffic organically, through paid campaigns, and via social in a cost-effective way?
  3. Use content marketing to complement and even replace your traditional marketing efforts?

Measuring the real success of our content marketing has been a burden for too long.

Opentopic makes it easy to deliver quality, goal-oriented content that increases traffic, engagement, and measurable results.

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