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Opentopic is the first content marketing platform to partner with IBM WatsonTM

Bringing cognitive computing and machine learning capabilities to the CMO’s office with Cognitive Content Marketing


Define Your Audience, Get Content Recommendations

Set up your target audience and our content recommendations powered by IBM Watson will discover the most engaging content for this audiences. We will also recommend the ideal distribution channel and publishing time.

Measure the effectiveness of your target audience campaigns based on traffic, engagement, leads, and transactions generated; then continuously refine your content with advanced filters and audience tweaks delivered by IBM Watson's cognitive technology.


Automate Your Content Marketing Campaigns

Opentopic integrates with Hubspot, the leading Marketing Automation platform. Leverage your content in all of your automated marketing campaigns. 

Opentopic delivers the power of Cognitive Content Marketing for Marketing Automation, making content a powerful core of your campaigns.

Or publish directly do dozens of popular channels such as WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, MailChimp, Newsletters, custom RSS feeds, and more.

Predictable and Measurable Marketing Success

The Opentopic dashboard tracks how your content performs in terms of engagement, leads and transaction value.

It provides you detailed information on demographics, user's technology or categories of interests, and so enables you to continuously improve your audience profiles for ever higher conversion rates.

Cognitive Content Marketing

Delivering actionable behavioral insights about your target audience,  Cognitive Content Marketing helps you maximize and over-deliver on your investment in content marketing
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